Urgent-Med team, Duncan, OK

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Year we started serving Stephens county and area

78 Hours

Open per week

“My wife, Jill, and I had a dream of opening an “urgent care” clinic in Duncan. It was our desire to offer extended hours of health care access, treating both minor emergency events and routine medical needs compassionately and conveniently with a commitment to cost effectiveness for our patients. In November 2005, individuals, property and other circumstances came together that allowed the dream to become reality.” Jay Gregston, MD

Urgent-Med is conveniently located on North Hwy. 81 in Duncan and is open almost eighty (80) hours per week, including 8:00 AM to 5:00PM on Saturday and Sunday. This clinic offers a multitude of health care services to the general public and special medical options for our local businesses. Because of the very positive response from the community, on July 1, 2007, Dr. Gregston adjusted his career plans and came to work at the clinic full time. Since then, several growth opportunities have occurred. For our business owners and local manufactures, the Occupational Medicine department has been expanded and enhanced. DOT/other physical exams, work injury care, drug screens, breath alcohol testing, and hair follicle testing are all available. An additional unique service for our business clients was initiated when Dr. Gregston earned his Certification as a Medical Review Officer. Being credentialed as an MRO allows him to serve as the decision maker regarding drug testing for the Department of Transportation anywhere in the North America.

Since opening Urgent-Med in November of 2005, we came to realize two things that we had not anticipated. First, a very large number of patients that we treat at Urgent-Med DO NOT have a medical home or primary care provider. Second, many of our patients have medical problems that have previously gone UNDIAGNOSED and UNTREATED. Neither of these issues are conducive to a HEALTHY COMMUNITY. These discoveries, coupled with the positive experience with our sister clinic in Tuttle, revealed to us that “urgent care” and “family medicine” go hand in hand. So in July 2007, the “Dream” grew and Family-Med clinic opened.