Flu Shots

Flu Shot available

Stay up to date, and get a Flu Shot Annually.

Tetanus Tdap

Tetanus Tdap available

If you cut or burn yourself, you may need to have a tetanus immunization. Additionally, if you are going to be around a newborn baby, you need to make sure that you have received a Tdap shot to protect against Pertussis (whooping cough)

We are open:

8AM to 8PM Mon-Fri

8AM to 5PM Sat-Sun

Our Mission

The Urgent Med Mission is to bring convenient, economical, progressive healthcare to Stephens County and contiguous area. We provide quality services to patients of all ages. Our clinic offers nearly eighty hours of availability and treatment of “urgent/episodic” health needs per week. Our “walk-in” facility is open seven days a week. We are here from 8am to 8pm Monday thru Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm.

Urgent-Med offers unique services such as Web Sign-In, Call Ahead Sign-In, on-site digital x-ray, modern laboratory facilities, and occupational medicine.

Our staff consists of experienced medical providers, licensed nurses, medical assistants, and certified radiology techs. We strive to have the best customer service staff and are committed to going the extra mile to make sure your visit to our clinic is a special, health-full experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations for your visit. We aim to provide care that will have you coming back whenever you need our services.

We simply request that you give us the opportunity to serve the health needs of you and your family.

Our Services

Minor Injuries

Minor Emergencies: Urgent-Med is equipped to deal with your cuts, scrapes, wounds, strains, sprains and broken bones. We can apply splints, braces, and repair your lacerations.

Skin Problems: We can diagnose and treat your bites, stings, rashes, and burns.

Infections: We can test for and treat you for many infections. These include Coronavirus, Strep Throat, Flu, Bronchitis, Urinary Tract Infections, and much more.

Digital X-ray

Urgent-Med has a new state of the art digital x-ray system. It is a truly digital system with no x-ray cassettes or films required. Images are ready for viewing in seconds, rather than minutes. We are able to send our high resolution images, by computer, to board certified radiologists for interpretation.

Lab Testing

We are able to perform many Clia-waived tests right in the clinic. These include tests for Flu, Coronavirus, Strep, Mono, RSV, H-Pylori, Pregnancy and for urinary tract infections. We are also are also able to perform Complete Blood Counts (CBC), PT-INR, and Fingerstick blood sugar tests. Urgent-Med also have a very wide variety of send out capabilities and have association with statewide accredited reference laboratories and their associates.


Urgent-Med has the facilities and experience to help you to complete your needed physicals. These include exams required for nursing or dental school, state sports competitions and Boy Scout camps. We can do TB skin testing, vision screening, hearing tests, and x-rays on site. We can also help you complete required blood work and immunization titers.

Download the forms for your convenience

Please fill this digital forms and bring it with you or just email us prior to your arrival.

Physical Examination and Parental Consent Form
OCC Med Authorization to treat
Medical Release Form
Medical Examination Form - DOT (DOT physical form)
HIPAA form